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Shadowline Trim Tape


This is C&C’s OEM black satin custom shadow and lowering tape, known as "M"-Shadow, which quickly updates and converts your car or SUV to the expensive Shadowline sports look when applied to the aluminum around your side windows and other chrome trim parts of your car. The sought after Sportsline look can be found on BMW's best upper-end sport and "M" models. You may want to add it to the upper portion of your rear window and front windshield where it subtly lowers your cars roof line which gives your car the more dropped look that everyone is after. Lowering it even more can be achieved by customizing and adding pieces along the top of your headlights to create upper eyelids which gives your car a meaner and more aggressive look. Do one headlight, stand back, and you will instantly see the lowering effect.

These are not the small 20 foot rolls of stiff tape offered at some parts stores that won't go around curves. These are extra large 70 foot rolls 32mm wide used for racing and personal vehicle modification with superior molding capability, enough to do a few of your cars and experiment with. ///M-Shadow (trim wheel) is made from an ABS polymer compound with advanced adhesives and glues specifically for outdoor use on chrome or gloss surfaces. Resists cracking during hot and cold weather and have durable UV properties. It is waterproof, resist salt, corrosion, chipping.

///M-Shadow will not ruin your finish like some other tapes but protect the clearcoat that covers your trim from scratches and small impact damage. It can be easily removed if you change your mind or left on permanently, unlike painting your trim which requires removal sanding and priming the surface. Feedback from some of our customers suggests the aggravation of bending the trim and constant chipping hardly seemed worth it.

YES, this will drastically change your car to the expensive Shadowline sports look. which has been incredibly popular in europe for years. Whether your car is modified or not, everyone knows the unique sleek look of a Shadowline car and knows it is one of the top offerings by BMW . Our friends and customers, as well as ourselves, love and drive these cars and have been amazed by the quick transformation, saving hundreds of dollars plus installation fees charged at the dealer for the same look. Call and price the trim and you will be shocked. Depending on the model and dealer, total cost and installation can run anywhere from $500.00 to well over $1000.00.

We think everyone should be able to enjoy and afford the unique look of a top sports model. For $18 a roll and no shipping you can't lose, and the best part is you can easily do it yourself cheating the high price from the dealer for the same look, if you take your time and do it right, it will be one of the best "bang for your buck" quality sport appearance upgrades you can add to your BMW . Because ///M shadow is black satin, it looks fantastic on all color of BMW's. We know you'll love the look as much we all have.


How To Order

We accept checks, money orders, and paypal.
Send checks and money orders to:
Aaron Johnson
161a S.W. 30th Ave.
Great Bend Ks, 67530

Please add $7 for non U.S. customers.





Phone 206.351.8889

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